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Class Desriptions

Preparing for an In Sync Performance

One of the most challenging aspects for new students and families joining a dance studio is the performances. Preparing for these events is a large ordeal, and for first time participants it may seem overwhelming. 

We are here to tell you everything you need to know! Also, you can ask any and all questions to In Sync Staff at any time and receive answers to all of your concerns.

For questions regarding performance expectations from students and parents/guardians, please click HERE to be directed to our "Class and Performance Expectations" page.

Performance Hair

In Sync Dance strives to be known for its performance details and look. All female dancers must wear hair in a bun, no whispies or bangs, using gel and hairspray, as well as any other additional headpieces. Dress rehearsal will be used to determine if the student's hair is appropriate. Student may be asked to fix hair before continuing the rehearsal.

Here is a suggested list of supplies you will need to successfully prepare your dancer's hair:

  • Gel and hairspray

  • Water in a squirt bottle

  • Brush and comb

  • Bobby pins the color of dancer's hair

  • Hair net the color of dancer's hair

  • Hair bands

Male dancers and female dancers with short hair will simply need their hair slicked back with a nice part, using gel and hairspray. Please see ISDA Staff for more specifics.

Below is a video explaining in detail how In Sync Dancers should prepare their hair. Please review the video, take notes, and practice putting up dancer's hair several times before the actual dress rehearsal. Also, PLEASE complete dancer's hair before putting on the costume, to further ensure the costume stays safe.

Performance Makeup

The same circumstances will be used for the makeup on our performers. We have a very uniformed requirement for all makeup worn for our performances. Please watch the video below to become familiar with our process, and practice several times before dress rehearsal. PLEASE complete dancer's makeup before putting on the costume. All supplies necessary are listed on the video.

Male dancers will also wear makeup, but only certain aspects are needed. Please see In Sync Staff for more specifics.

Costume Care

All costumes our dancers purchase are professional-grade uniforms bought back east from costume companies or handmade by our on-staff seamstresses. The handle and care for these garments are very specific.


Do not put anything in the washer or drier.  These costumes typically have rhinestones or glitter on them, and are only made to last 6-10 uses. Do not iron; if costume is wrinkled upon removal from bag, steam the costume either by hand with a steamer or hang upside down in the bathroom to self steam during showers. Always store on a hanger during performance use, then store them as you please after the performances. Most laundromats will not take costumes due to the pieces that may fall off and get caught in their systems. PLEASE care for your costumes; there will be no time to replace costumes that are ruined before performances.

Make sure to label all parts of your dancer's costume with initials or full name. Also label all items brought to the performances, including tights, shoes, bags, activites, etc.

Usually costumes will come with extra hair pieces and/or accessories. Please keep these and label with name until dress rehearsal. Wear the piece as you feel it should be worn. Staff will decide at dress rehearsal whether the piece will be used.

Any other costume questions should be directed towards In Sync Staff BEFORE any given performance weekend.

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