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Dress Code

All students receiving instruction at In Sync Dance of Auburn, regardless of discipline or age, must follow our detailed dress code. Uniform packages are purchased upon registering for classes. For the student's first class and until uniform arrives, please have them dressed in something appropriate and comfortable.

Uniform Packages

Combo Class Package

If your student is in a combination class, their package will consist of a leotard with an attached skirt for Intro students or a plain cap-sleeved leotard for hour-long combination class students, pink tights, and the appropriate shoes for their class (ballet, tap, and/or jazz shoes).

Intro to Dance students will have a pink uniform, while other combo class students will have black.


Intro to Dance           $55.00

(includes pink leotard

with skirt, pink tights,

ballet and tap shoes)

1 hr Combo Class     $55-$85

with 2 disciplines

(includes black cap-sleeved leotard, pink tights,

ballet and tap shoes)

1 hr Combo Class     $70-$85

with 3 disciplines

(includes black cap-sleeved leotard, pink tights,

ballet, tap and jazz



Full Hour Class Package

If your student is in a full hour discipline class, their package will consist of a black cap-sleeved leotard, black shorts, pink tights, and the appropriate shoes for their class (ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop or contemporary shoes).

Male Students

Regardless of age or discipline, all of our male students will be wearing a black Champion t-shirt, black Champion basketball shorts, black socks, and appropriate shoes.

Company Class Uniform

Company students are required to purchase two different leotards for the week; black for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and eggplant for Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Dancers must wear pink tights and appropriate shoes with their leotards. Black shorts are optional and must be purchased separately. Black sports bras are also acceptable.


All single hour        $50-$85

discipline classes

(includes black cap-sleeved

leotard, black shorts,

pink tights, and shoes)


Male uniform        N/A

*Families will be required to purchase these items on their own. 

Dance shoes will be purchased with us upon registration.


Company leotard  $25.00 each

Must purchase both leotards

(black and eggplant)

Black shorts          $10.00



If your student is current to In Sync Dance, or is new but has attended dance instruction elsewhere, you may already have the appropriate footwear needed for class.

If new shoes are needed, please feel free to purchase shoes on your own time, as long as they follow In Sync Dress Code:

  • Ballet: ballet pink leather shoes

  • Jazz/Hip Hop: light tan leather shoes, no black allowed due to our new light      colored laminate studio floors

  • Tap: black shoes

  • Contemporary: skin colored half-sole shoes (please see picture on right)

If you have questions on where to purchase shoes, best pricing, best fit for your dancer, etc. please ask In Sync Staff directly.

NEVER wear these shoes outside of the studio. Please bring shoes for your dancer to arrive and leave in. Scratched shoes will leave marks and/or destroy our studio floors. 

Hair and Other

All dancers are required to pull their hair back into a ballet bun, with no hair falling in the face. Please use all means possible to not have the hair fall out during class time, including bobby pins, hair nets, even gel and hairspray if necessary. Students will be asked to leave the room to fix their hair, and asked not to return until it is stable.

Students with short hair should pull back the bangs and/or the sides with bobby pins, hair clips, or a black colored hair band. If help is needed with hair suggestions, please consult an In Sync Staff member.

Female dancers may wear black sports bras under their uniforms. No colored bras. Not included in uniform package.

No jewelry or extra accessories are allowed in class at all times. Extra clothing, including sweatshirts, tshirts, etc. are not allowed. Warm-up's are allowed during the cold season, but only for the first 15 minutes of class or until class warm-up is complete. 

Please also provide your dancer with proper hygiene products, such as deodorant, face wash, etc. for before and after class. Wash uniforms after each use, including tights, and ensure shoes are aired out after class.

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