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Company Commitment and Expectations

Class Expectations

Each discipline requires a minimum of two classes: a choreography class and technique class.

Members of the Senior and Elite Companies must take a Stretch and Conditioning Class a minimum of once per week.

  -  students must bring a yoga mat and towel to class each week

Members of the Senior and Elite Companies must also take a minimum of two technique classes if in Ballet Company.

Students need to arrive to every class on time. Attendance is crucial for every technique and choreography class.

Students must wear the designated Company Uniform to class every day.

Hair must be up in a neat bun.

Proper hygiene is expected.

No jewelry or hair accessories (ie. Flowers, headbands, etc.) are allowed.

Tardiness will not be accepted this year. If a student is late to class, they will not be allowed in the room.

If any class is missed, it is the students’, not the instructors’, responsibility to learn missed choreography before the next class session.

If student will be missing class, they are required to call in to the studio or give advanced notice via a written letter by the parent or guardian. Calls must be made after 3:30 pm.

Failure to complete homework is not a legitimate excuse for missing classes. Students are now responsible for taking care of other obligations outside of class to ensure full, uninterrupted participation in the company.

Excessive absences from any registered classes will result in dismissal from the Performing Company.

Company students are expected to be role models for all other students in the studio.


Cleanliness of our entire facility is demanded. Please keep all belongings in dance bags, hidden away in a cubby. Also keep food and beverage messes to a minimum, as well as keeping all classrooms and restrooms spotless.

Performance Expectations

Check in times at any performances are always one hour in advance, unless otherwise noted. Failure to arrive on time will consequence in not participating in that performance.

Students must come fully dressed in the performing uniform, including full stage hair and makeup. No jewelry or fingernail polish (including toes!).

Our outside performance locations usually involve very rough and unpredictable dance surfaces. Students will be required to have a pair of outside performance shoes for each discipline, separate from regular classroom shoes.

Students are responsible for all costume pieces, props, etc. they will be using in that performance. If these pieces are forgotten, the student will be pulled from that number.

Parent participation is required by all students in the Performing Company.

Expected Company Student Behavior

Performance Company Members must act as an example for all other students at In Sync Dance. Students must follow all of the delegated rules placed by the instructors and staff at all times. Failure to comply to any of these rules will result in dismissal from company and possible expulsion from the studio.

Respect must be in place for all instructors, staff and fellow students at the studio at all times. No exceptions.

Any signs of bullying or gossip, whether in person or online via social media, will result in immediate expulsion.

A Company Member is expected to have high respect for the art of dance. Strong work ethic is demanded from all students in company at all times.

Professional behavior between male and female dancers is strictly monitored. Any signs of inappropriate behavior in these regards will not be tolerated.

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