The In Sync Kids Helping Kids Foundation

In Sync Dance of Auburn is proud to be considered one of the finest instructional dance studios in the greater Placer County area. Our program features all dance disciplines, for all ages. But we have added a twist! Our Dance Company, currently consisting of approximately 60 youth members, performs year-round in community events throughout the greater Auburn area. Plus, we offer travel opportunities to specialty events outside our region.

Some time ago, we realized the potential good that could be achieved through the efforts of a performance group of this size and reputation. We also realized there was no other youth performance group in our area whom focused on the same objectives and goals we strive to achieve. So we went to work on our dream!!!


The Kids Helping Kids Foundation (KHKF) was born; a non-profit organization devoted to helping local children and families in need right here in our area. KHKF consists of Company youth performers, their parents, and family members. We are now 200+ members strong and growing, and we welcome new members! Come join us in achieving our community goals and what we stand for. KHKF is dedicated to raising awareness of the Arts in the region while at the same time achieving funding opportunities for a very important cause: children in need right here in our own community. With almost no overhead or administrative expenses – thanks to many dedicated members who bring energy, the spirit of volunteerism, and a variety of resources – all funding raised by the Foundation goes right back into our community.

In Sync Dance of Auburn has achieved a secondary goal through its efforts, and just as rewarding as our first goal. Our charitable activities and hands-on learning experiences are growing the adults of tomorrow. KHKF is the only local NPO that offers youth performers the chance to give back to the community. Our students are developing a bright future as loving, sharing, giving and responsible community volunteers.