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Tuition and Fees

All tuition fees are based on calendar months. All twelve months will be calculated at the same rate. No additional fees will be charged during months in which a fifth class is available, and no discounts will be given for months in which less than four classes are available. In Sync Dance has a TWO MONTH minimum for all classes.

Recreational Rates: 

(Hours per week)

30 Min

1 Hour

1 1/2 Hours

2 Hours

3 Hours

4 Hours

Additional Hours

Monthly Rate








Company Rates: 

(Hours per week)

2 Hours (minimum)

2 1/2 Hours

3 Hours

3 1/2 Hours

4 Hours

4 1/2 Hours

5 Hours

5 1/2 Hours

6 Hours

7 Hours


Monthly Rate












Any additional recreational classes are an extra $45 per month, and are not included in the company rate.

Expected New Student Fees

Parents/guardians will be required to make the following purchases upon registration of their dancer:

  • First month of tuition                                         Based on monthly recreational or company rate

  • Annual registration fee                                      $25.00 per family

  • Uniform                                                                   $50.00 - $85.00 dependent on class

Performance Fees

All students at In Sync Dance have the opportunity to participate in our three annual performances:

  • The Nutcracker - December

  • Showcase - Early Spring

  • Annual Ballet - June

A performance fee will be charged per each dancer, which includes the participation fee, a professionally-crafted costume the student gets to keep, and a digital video of the Sunday performance. Fees will be due approximately 2-3 months prior to the performance. 

"Early Bird" Performance Fee: $130.00

"Final Deadline" Performance Fee: $155.00

If a student is participating in more than one routine for a specific performance, an extra $70.00 will be charged in addition to cover for another costume.

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