Class and Performance Expectations

Class Expectations

Attendance and Basics

Student must come to class and participate on a consistent basis and arrive on time to class as scheduled. All instructional staff reserve the right to refuse a student from participating if running late and/or disrupting the class, whether from entering class after designated start time or from ill behavior.

Girls must have hair slicked back in a neat bun. Short hair must be pulled back out of face.


All students must be in the studio-regulated uniform at all times, which are ordered through the front desk upon registration with In Sync Dance. Please click here to be directed to our "Dress Code" page.

No gum, food or drinks, or dance bags in classrooms. We have a lobby provided with cubby storage for personal belongings, as well as areas for food and drink to be placed and/or consumed. Parents are responsible for any and all studio damage caused by their student or themselves.

No parents are allowed in the classroom with their student, no exceptions. Each studio has window viewing provided so you may observe your student for the duration of the class from outside of the room. We find students to be more focused when parents are not involved directly in classroom instruction.

Dancers ages 5 and under must have a parent/guardian present at the studio for the duration of their class. Students under the age of 16 (non-permitted drivers) must alert In Sync Staff when they are leaving the building, whether at the end of class to go home or to walk with friends to purchase snacks or drinks.

Proper hygiene is essential; no overpowering perfumes. No jewelry or hair accessories to be worn during class time, or anything against official dress code. Sweatshirts and/or warm-up's during the cold season are only allotted for the first 15 minutes of class, or until class warm up is complete.

Student Respect Towards Staff

Students attending In Sync Dance are to be respectful to both instructors and other students, as well as follow all rules displayed by the studio staff. This includes in person, as well as via social media, texting, and any other form of communication. We are a performing arts school, and expect the best of behavior from our students.

*Failure to comply to any of the class expectations will lead to the student’s dismissal from class. Further interruption may lead to the expulsion of the student from the studio.*

Performance Expectations

Please remember: all performances are completely optional, but highly suggested, to further the student's education and overall experience as a performer and as a student/dancer at In Sync Dance.

*NOTE: a performance contract is reviewed and signed upon registration. Please read carefully and notify us of questions and/or concerns.*


All rehearsals, including regular in-class participation and extra practices outside of class, are mandatory. No exceptions. Students will not be allowed to participate in the performance if absent.

The majority of rehearsals are held during regular class times. Any extra rehearsals will be held if a class' character/routine is being combined with another class. Usually under these circumstances, classes will meet together 2-3 times extra, usually during one or the other class' regularly scheduled meet times.

Dress Rehearsal

Dress rehearsal always takes place at the location of the performance (Bear River Performing Arts Theater).


Full makeup and hair must be prepared prior to arrival, with the full costume look on, including proper tights. Dress rehearsal is held in preparation for the real show, so please treat dress rehearsal as a real show. Please click here to be directed to our "Preparing for an In Sync Performance" page for more information.


Bring street shoes to change into. Do not forget performance shoes, as well as water, quick non-stainable snacks, clothes to change into, and quiet activities (board games, DVD's, dolls, etc.).

Being on time is crucial. All students participating in the performance are required to attend dress rehearsal. No exceptions. Students will not be allowed to participate if absent.

Performance Days

Student must attend ALL of the scheduled performances for a given show. If a student cannot attend all scheduled days and times, they will not be allowed to participate in the entire weekend's performances.

Respect towards all authority figures, including show volunteers, is required, as well as the designated rules. Students will be dismissed if behavior becomes an issue.

Parents must comply with student check in/out procedures, for the safety of your and all participating students. All students must remain checked in backstage for the entire duration of the show, no exceptions.

Parents and families viewing the performance must purchase tickets for each show they will be watching. No ticket purchases are necessary if working backstage.

Parent Participation

A parent or guardian of each student must work behind-the-scenes at each performance the student participates in, for a minimum of one show.

The student’s parent or guardian must sign up for their day of work backstage the same day the performance package is purchased at the front desk. This is to ensure supervision of your student and their classmates for the entire duration of the show.

Tuition and Payment Policy for Performances

Studio policy states all payments, including the performance package with all given fees, as well as the student’s tuition, must be paid up to date and in full to allow the student’s participation in the show. Failure to do so will result in the withdrawal of the student from the performance.


No exceptions.


We want all participants in our performances to have an amazing experience. These rules and regulations are in place to ensure a positive and safe environment for all our students. Please help us continue to make these performances such a success by following the information presented. Any and all further questions should be directed to the In Sync Staff at the studio.

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