COVID-19 Policies

Here at ISDA, our dancers, staff and family safety are our first priority.

Our small business is taking the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously, and following all guidelines provided by the State of California and their Reopen California procedures.

Listed below is a summary of the new rules and regulations we have implemented to keep our dance community safe. Failure for dancers and/or family members to oblige to these rules will result in the student's dismissal from ISDA.

Class Sizing     Classes will be limited to 4 students in the back room, 6 in the front room, and 8 in the big room. This number correlates with social distancing requirements in our classrooms. Students will be put on a rotating hybrid schedule if a class' enrollment exceeds these numbers. If a dancer and their family do not feel comfortable participating in the studio, we do have a Zoom class affiliated with all of our scheduled classes, to allow them to take the exact same class from home. Students, returning or new, must call into the studio and place their names on our class schedule PRIOR to arriving to class.

Parents     No parents/family members will be allowed into the ISDA facility. Parents wishing to discuss anything with front desk staff must wait at the front door or outside desk for a staff member to come out and assist you. A mask must be worn whenever speaking with ISDA staff.

Masks     ISDA teachers and staff are required to wear masks at all times. All students and their parental escort must wear a mask upon arrival and whenever in our roped-off outdoor area, no exceptions. Dancers will wear their mask upon entering the studio. All classrooms are segmented off into socially-distanced sections. Once a dancer enters the room and is in their section, they are allowed to take their mask off to participate in class, at their parent's discretion. If the dancers want to participate in any movements that go across the floor or outside of their section, they will be required to put their mask on for that part of class. The mask will then be required to be put back on before leaving their section at the end of class.

Must Arrive on Time     Students MUST arrive no less than 10 minutes before their class is scheduled to begin. This will allow time for the check-in process and entering the classroom. Students that are late to check in will not be admitted to class. If running late due to traffic, you must call into the studio and have it arranged for your dancer to enter late. Any dancer arriving past their official class time will not be admitted.

Check In Process      All incoming students and their parents (only one parent per dancer, all other family members must wait in their vehicle) are required to check in with ISDA staff at the table that is located in the front parking spots in front of the studio. At the first check in, a parent will be required to sign a COVID-19 liability waiver for their dancer. Students will have their temperature checked and go through a symptoms check list, and will be required to take some hand sanitizer. Students will then line up in front of their designated classroom door outside the building, on the socially-distanced X's. ISDA staff will lead dancers into their classrooms. Please have dancers wear easy-to-remove street shoes, so they can be removed at the classroom door.

Shoes     Remember, street shoes are not allowed in the classrooms. Vice versa, dance shoes are not allowed to be worn outside. Please prepare your student accordingly with appropriate shoes, and keep ever-changing weather conditions in mind.

Room Sanitization     Teachers and staff will be cleaning up the classrooms after every class. This will include sanitizing the barres, door handles, and any props used during the class, as well as purging the air in each room with our newly installed whole house fans. Classrooms and lobby will be deep cleaned at the end of every day.

Restroom     The restroom will not be available to parents and family waiting in the parking lot. We strongly recommend parents prepping one-hour students so they do not need to use the restroom in the middle of class. The restroom's touched surfaces will be frequently cleaned with disinfecting wipes.

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